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I got inspired by a beautiful lake in Omont, the North of France. I met the owners of this magical piece of land and they offered me to cooperatively organise a small festival in honour of the 10 year anniversary of their art garden.

The festival is a gathering to celebrate life, share our music, express ourselves and connect with new people. The day will be filled with live music, the night will give us the possibility to dance.


The festival will take place on the 6 and 7th of august. People are already welcome at the spot at friday, the 5th of august so everybody is already present at the 6th of august.


The idea is to keep the group of people small to keep it sizeable and intimate. We’re thinking about a group of around 60 people.

The character of the fesitval will be cooperative. We’ll ask the people wo are joining in what they can do to give the gathering even more colour šŸ¦š We want to have the feeling that we’re organising this together and are all caring for the gatering.

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